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Skutnik Studios is a full service Creative Studio. We offer a range of services from full scale film and commercial productions, product videos and how-to, interviews and corporate videos to special effects and motion graphics, 3D animation, sound design, video editing, color correction and much more. A full list of services can be found below.

Our Services

Full production capabilities

Studio Services

  • Feature & short film & high-end commercial production
  • On-location video
  • Studio production
  • Script & story-boarding
  • Film & video editing for web/broadcast or film
  • Professional color grading in Davinci Resolve
  • Short & long-form documentaries
  • How to & product videos
  • Advertisements & promo videos
  • Event coverage and hype videos
  • Drone videography
  • Professional onsite audio capture
  • Custom music composition & sound design

Film &  Commercial Production

  • 12K video acquisition. Full service studio with extensive list of high-end film production gear, sound, lighting and rigging equipment
  • In depth knowledge of town, state and federal permit requirements
  • Vast access to local and national talent and resources
  • Industry standard contracts available for model, location, work for hire, contractors etc.
  • All in one solution (Video, 3D Animation, Sound, Custom Music Composition, Motion Graphics, Effects etc.)
  • Firm understanding of film & broadcast standards
  • Multiple output options for Film, Broadcast, Web & Social Media platforms
  • Extensive 100Tb data storage with 10Gb network connection across multiple workstations
  • Fiber Optic 1000Mb up/down internet connection for fast data transfers & online communications
  • Private FTP (If required) for file access from anywhere

3D, Motion Graphics & Effects

  • Extensive experience in Adobe After Effects and 3DS Max
  • Animated titles & graphics
  • Text & graphical overlays & animations
  • 3D rendered logos, products, animations, characters, sets, environments, effects  etc.
  • Advanced Film/Broadcast  title creation
  • 2D/2.5D & 3D  rendering capabilities
  • 2D and 3D camera tracking
  • Advanced object removal & replacement with Mocha Pro (Logos, Signs, Cars, etc.)
  • 3D virtual set creation and live plate integration

Custom Services

  • Directing (Commercial & Film)
  • Director of Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Film & Commercial Audio recording
  • Small  to medium size rigging & lighting
  • Music Composition
  • Story-boarding & 2D/3D Animatics
  • Advanced Color Correction (Davinci Resolve)
  • Object removal/replace (Mocha Pro)
  • 3D modelling/texturing/animation/set design/effects etc.

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Skutnik Studios is committed to both proven and emerging filmmakers with assistance at every stage of production