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Skutnik Studios is a full service Creative Studio. We specialize in high-end video production for commercials, documentaries, film, event and corporate works. We have full production capabilities, with cutting edge technologies and industry standard film gear. Utilizing Black Magic Film camera’s capable of up to 12K RAW capture and a massive collection of rigging, lighting, advanced camera gear, remote operation, wireless transmitter directly to your phone or tablet for on site review.  We have extensive knowledge of green screen, 3D animation, motion graphics, virtual set design, lighting and rigging.

We are a virtual studio so we don’t have the massive overhead of keeping multiple staff members onsite. This allows us to scale up or down on given projects while keeping the costs down. Regardless if it’s a multi day, week of month shoot, we can offer competitive rates and the highest quality available.

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Failure is NOT an option

Film Production

High Quality 4k, 6k, 8k & 12K video production. Full service studio with extensive list of high-end film production gear, lighting and rigging equipment.

Creative Direction

Industry expert in Creative Direction with 20+ years of experience with some of the biggest brands.

Visual Effects

From high-end motion graphics to 3D animation and visual effects, we have experience in motion tracking, screen replacement, 3D camera tracking, effects composition, green screening, virtual set design etc.

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Skutnik Studios is committed to both proven and emerging filmmakers with assistance at every stage of production